Ben Webert is the brother of Jeremy Webert He appeared in the episode "Forgotten Bonds" in toward the end of the second season.

Ben Webert (exclusive picture)

Physical Appearanace Edit

Ben looks almost like Jeremy, only shorter and has a less scary look on his face. He has orange hair and blue eyes,

Relationships Edit

Ben, as mentioned, is Jeremy's younger brother. They share the same father but do not share the same mother on account of Ben and Jeremy's father leaving Jeremy and his mother when Jeremy was one year old. Jeremy's father later remarried and so came Ben.

Trivia Edit

At first Jeremy was disdained toward and jealous of Ben because, so Jeremy himself said that Ben had the father he (Jeremy never had, although Ben and Jeremy have the same father. So Jeremy was a bully to Ben, but later came to his sense and made things right for his brother and himself. Being mean to his little brother almost got him in a whole lot of trouble and he almost suffered some consequences for it.

Ben was also helped and trained by Jeremy, after Jeremy made up with him, in playing Street Football. Jeremy also had Ben substitute for him (Jeremy was suspended after being mean, rude, and disrespectful to his little brother.)

Ben is also part of the team called the "Wild Boars."

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