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Gabriel N'Daula also known as Brains is a character in Street Football and part of the Blues Team.

Physical Appearance Edit

Brains is a brown skin (possibly black) male with long purple-looking hair. He wears glasses, a white shirt with a blue tank top, blue and white shorts, and black or dark gray sandals.

Personality Edit

Brains is a very smart. And according to TV Tropes, he is the "tactician of the team."

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Brain has a father who works in Asia and a mother who works as a doctor in Africa. Brains doesn't get to see his parents much due to them being busy, to Brain's disappointments.

Friends Edit

Brain's is friends with Tag, who is his best friend, Eloise, Tek, No, and Samira to name a few.

Trivia Edit

  • When Brains first joined Riffler Institute, he didn't immediately become friends with Tag or the Tekno Twins and Tag would tease, maybe bully Brains. It's possible Tag was jealous of Brains. Plus when Brains was younger he preferred being by himself.
  • Brains is Senegalese/French.

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