Lil Dragon and the new generation of Rifflers Players (The Winning Spirit) 01

The New Generation of Rifflers formed during the very last episode of Street Football and are replacements for the older Rifflers. , A few of the team members are

  • Lil' Dragon (Possibly the new captain)
  • Gloria
  • Theo

This team formed after Tag and Tek left Marie Port and after Brains injured his leg. During the World Cup finals in season 3, the new Rifflers slowly but surely started replacing the older Rifflers, one reason is because the older Rifflers, who again are Tag, Brains, Tek, No, and Eloise, were leaving, or have left, Marie Port and are thus no longer going to Riffler Institute and therefore will no longer be playing in the Rifflers team. Gloria replaced Eloise, who was moving to New York City and Theo replaced No, who was going back to Olympic. Samira and Jeremy were the last two of the older Rifflers playing and they played along with Lil' Dragon, Gloria, and Theo.

Trivia Edit

They were trained by Victoria Melotra, who previously was a bad girl playing against the Rifflers and getting revenge on Eloise, and black mailed the characters playing for the Dolphins, whom she was the captain of.

It is possible Lil' Dragon is the new captain since he looked up to Tag, who was the Captain of his team himself.

Gallery Edit

Note: the following gallery will not just show the new Rifflers as a whole but will also show a couple to a few of the players at a time.